Saxophone Vintage

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is this C.G. Conn Ltd Sax worth?

My friend has a C.G. Conn Ltd sax and is currently trying to get rid of it.I've posted a few pics and on one side it says 1890, which is possibly when this lovely instrument was made.Anyone know anything? How much it's worth? Etc. Thanks for your answers!

Best Answer...


Your friend would be best served to go online and really do the research and find out what this would be truly worth - this is not the place. You may want to begin with C G Conn

Perhaps a licenced antique appraisal professional can give your friend further assistance. See Link for a list from the American Association of Appraisers

Someone on eBay has a similar sax with the current bid at $40.00. Insulting to say the least!