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Difference between lacquer and silver plated alto saxophones?

I was thinking on buying a Yamaha YAS-62II Mark II Professional Alto Saxophone bit I wasn't sure what the difference was between lacquer and silver plated. Con someone tell me the differences? Thanks.

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The silver plated horn will generally play "brighter".. think "smooth jazz" than the lacquer horn which will have a "darker" think "classical" tonal color. That is not to say that the silver horn is the "jazz" horn and the lacquer horn is a "classical" horn.. I don't mean that in any way..either is good for either. I am just trying to give you a reference to understand what I mean by "bright" tone versus "dark" tone in case your haven't heard those terms. That is just in the minor inflections of the tone.
Otherwise.. not much difference.. the Silver horn will require A LOT more maintenance to keep it looking pretty!!! It WILL Tarnish, if you don't take care of it.
Best bet if possible.. try them both against each other. You should always play test horns before buying them if that is at all possible. This is a major investment, and you want to know you are picking the horn that feels the most comfortable to you, and sounds within the direction of the tonal concept you are trying to get to. Good luck