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Heinrich Goetz Violin?

I've had this violin for almost a year now, made in Czechoslovakia by Heinrich Goetz Bohemia. I haven't had it officially appraised, but my local violin shop estimated it to be around 80-100 years old. There seems to be nothing on the web about these violins, and I was curious about it's history. Anyone know anything about it?

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These instruments were made in Germany and Czechoslovakia from around 1910-1940 in a very commercial assembly line production factory. In Vol. 1 and 2 of Roy Ehrhardt's Violin Identification and Price Guides there are pages from catalogs from the 1930's showing Heinrich Goetz Violins. The catalogs give descriptions of each of the different model violins along with some hand drawings. Ehrhardt gives the 1977 prices for that the violins at $50-$500.

Most of these are in the lower price of around $100-300 and the best ones were made in Germany.

I have put a copy of the catalog page on my information only web site at