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Frequently Asked Questions...

How should i adjust my 3 pin bow sight?

Its a 3 pin sight on a buckmasters bow. i'm probably only shooting in the mid 200 fps so those insane 50 yard shots are out of the question. But at what yardage increments should i adjust my sight. i was thinking either 10,20,30, 15,25,35, or 20,30,40. But i'm just not sure which would be best for a cheaper, slower bow setup.

Best Answer...


I bet you can use the same pin for 10 yards, 15yards, and 20 yards. I bet your arrow will not start to drop until after 20 yards. So try that first, site your bow in at 10 yards. And then shoot at 20 yards using that same pin. if its the same, i would do the 20, 30, and 40. That's what I have on my bow and my bow shoots 250 fps.