Lowrey Organ

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much do organs sell for?

I have a Lowrey Organ that I need to sell, but I can't find much information about it. The model # is TLO-K, does anyone know where I can more info, or maybe how much it's worth? It's in pretty good condition, everything works well, it's just old.

I'm not talking about HUMAN organs, either. Thanks

Best Answer...


Old organs made for the low end of the consumer market don't bring much. I found a link for someone in Cleveland who would be happy to get $25 for theirs. It would probably cost more than that to have it moved. I've seen similar items given away on Freecycle.

If you happen to have a separate speaker cabinet called a "Leslie", those are still in demand. You can check Ebay to get some idea of what they sell for.