Electric Pianos

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I build an electric piano?

So my workshop class gives it's students the option to build a guitar or bass from scratch. Several people have been successful with this and have even won numerous scholarships and national awards with them. I happen to play piano, and not guitar. My teacher is okay for me to build an electric piano. The only problem is, for as far as i know, it's never really been done before. My plan is to build what is essentially a wood console for a stripped down electric keyboard. Where can I find all the parts to an electric piano? And how do I do this?

Best Answer...


In the 1950s Popular Electronics magazine published plans for an electric piano/organ
I had the electronic skills but not the ability to make the keys. I tore down an accordion to use and started my project.
Sorry to say, I never finished it. I got part of it assembled and tested. The notes were far enough out of tune to bother me, so I never completed the project. At that time electronic stores like Radio Shack had the materials to build the electronics for almost anything.
Spend 30 minutes search the web and you may find plans/instructions.