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Frequently Asked Questions...

What kind of relationship does Australia and New Zealand have?

And are both countries better than America

Best Answer...


Australians and New Zealanders generally have a good relationship

We are both members of the Commonwealth and fought side by side as ANZAC's (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) in WW2

Of course we are similar in terms of location, accents, customs, food and sports.

There is a major rivalry between the Aussies and the Kiwis in the major sports but its fairy even. Australia normally win Rugby League test matches but NZ have a stronger Rugby Union Team.
When Australia was eliminated from the World Cup I supported the Kiwis and was proud of their success

Australians have a habit of "claiming" some famous New Zealanders as out own. The most famous of these is Russel Crowe who was born in NZ

And yes both countries are better than America haha