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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is the Sony PSP a good investment? Could you please tell me all about it? Thanks a heap!?

Best Answer...


It depends what you are looking for. If you want a do it all machine- music, movies, games- and don't mind paying for a large memory card for all those things, then the PSP is a great investment. My friend has one and enjoys it, though he doesn't put music in it since it's a bit confusing to do. In those regards, something like and iPod or iPod Video is a lot easier to use.

About the movies, the PSP only plays movies that are in the UMD format. A common criticism of this format is that it's more expensive than a DVD and can only play on the PSP. If money isn't a problem for you than you should be fine with UMD's.

The battery life on the PSP isn't very good- this important since it greatly limits portability. Though it should be noted that battery life depends on whether you are doing a simply task like listening to music, or playing a simply game, or are watching a movie or playing a game with very good graphics.

The games on it are pretty good, but aren't all that portable. They are more like PS1 and PS2 games in your hand- which is pretty cool.

If you want a do-it-all media device, and are fine with games that are more for sitting at home play, rather than on-the-go, quick sessions, the PSP is fine.

This happens to be a main criticism of the system, it is like a home console in that it's games- and battery life, pretty much force you into predominantly using it at home. It is the opposite of pick up and play. If it's lack of portability doesn't matter to you, then the PSP is a great machine. It also looks very sleek, and have a beautiful, and large screen. Though, it is prone to finger prints and that screen is very delicate- you should always carry it with the included protective sheeth- or buy another form of protection.- this also limits portability.

Basically, if cost and portability aren't that important- the PSP is a good investment.

I bring up the cost because while it costs $200, my friend bought a pack that had protection for the screen and an extra memory- he also bought a large memory card- and the final cost was about $400.

Though, if you already have a music solution (like an iPod), want portability/ pick up and play games, and want a more affordable handheld, i think you should consider the Nintendo DS. I think it's appropriate to mention since it's the PSP's main competitor. I have a DS lite and am very pleased with it, I guess since I was looking for just games. If you consider the DS, get the DS lite, since the normal version is plain ugly.

As I said before, it all depends on what you are looking for.

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