King Harmonica

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Would This be a good Harmonica set?/What set would you Recommend?

I only Have three Harmonica's, On in G (its not good) C (decent, it was my first) and D (Very Good) but i would like to complete my set and possibly replace my not as good ones, would this be a good set to get? If not then what is? I would prefer if it wasn't very expensive and a link to the set would be great!

(Here is the set i am looking at)

By the way, I play A lot of Blues and Folk (a Lot of Bob Dylan)


Best Answer...


That set you are referring to contains all 12 keys. You have the best of both worlds since oyu have the 12 different tones. As far as pricing, I find that inexpensive and its a good kit.