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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the keyboard settings in much of the songs by the band called AIR?

I want to know what the synth/sound is of what the band, AIR uses in alot of its downtempo songs. They usually do not have any words in them. For example, song like: Casanova 70, Talisman and j'ai dormi sous eau.

I am going through FL studios, but just the name of the setting/synth name will work just fine. Thanks

Best Answer...


haha, you DEFINITELY won't find Air's keyboard settings in FL studio, man!

In most of their songs, Air uses the Moog synth, Korg MS-20, sampled and filtered strings, and other classic electronic instruments like the electric Wurly piano, to give you a start. However, their particular sound is how they make their living - the presets they programmed and the synth patches they designed are what sets them apart from other artists, and they would definitely go out of their way to keep their sounds from other people's hands. In other words, Air wouldn't be Air if their keyboard settings were public, therefore they aren't.

if you want to have a crack at it, you could either splurge and get an actual Moog (a very expensive venture) or a Moog emulator (less expensive, perhaps even more useful) and play around with it until you find something that sounds like Air, but it's gonna be a fruitless effort to look for their exact settings. play around, experiment, have fun!