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Frequently Asked Questions...

Roland Octapad SPD-30?


Can someone give me a review about the Octapad SPD-30? Does it feel like you're actually playing drums? Is it good from beginner level to pro level?

Best Answer...


Read the forum on Lot's of good info.
Regarding feel: It's better than spd-s and triggers more accurately. Less mushy swamp feel than yamaha dtx-multi 12. But of course you cant compare e-drums to acoustic drums. Acoustic drums will make your nostrils shiver wonderfully by the air pressure when you go for it. E-drums will hardly do that (if you don't sit on top of a massive P.A. system...).
Also here the pads are close together than on a drum-kit where you will move around more giving a more physical sensation.
It's good for all levels. Very realistic sounds and dynamics. Maybe its a little over the top for a beginner. There's so many features that he/she might need to look closely in the manual to get the most out of it. The top-pro user will find some tiny complaints. But overall its a good machine.

Good luck!