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What keyboards do Children Of Bodom use?

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All of the keyboards in CoB are done by Janne, and a look on wikipedia says:

"Throughout most of his career, Janne relied on the Korg X5D keyboard to play live, although he only uses it as a master MIDI controller - the synth rack/module setup he's controlling onstage has varied. Janne's lead sound was crafted by Jens Johansson. It's a Korg Polysix emulation patch Jens made for the JV1080.

Janne's setup on Hate Crew Deathroll:
Macintosh G4 running the MOTU Digital Performer 3.0 audio recording software
Roland JV2080 (three units, using different expansions)
Akai S5000 and Akai pro synth module
EMU P2000, Proteus1, e64 and 9090
Korg Triton rack and X3r

Scythes of bodom, the website, used to have a great list of all the bands equipment, but i think the site closed down :(