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Frequently Asked Questions...

Trumpet Cup mutes brands?

Which company makes the best cup mutes .. and also are Vincent Bach cup mutes any good

Best Answer...


Bach accessories are typically overpriced for their quality. They aren't poor by any means, but you are essentially just buying the name. I don't have experience with their cup mutes, but I'm just letting you know.
Humes and Berg mutes are great quality and are pretty cheap to boot. Because of the price, most trumpet players have them. There are some other brands that have cup mutes of arguably better quality such as Denis Wick and Tom Crown mutes, but they're are all different. In fact Wick, Crown, Bach, and H&B are all different from one another. So on a personal level, it is best to try them if possible and determine which you like best.
That being said, H&B cups can be found for $15 or less whereas Crown cups are around $40 and Wick cups are nearly $50. Because of the affordability as well as the availability of H&B mutes, they will be the most common. So if you are buying this for say, a high school jazz band, I would recommend that you buy an H&B, as that will likely be what everyone else in the section will have. This way you will sound more uniform.
If you are purchasing it for your own use, then pick your favorite!

Hope this helps!