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Frequently Asked Questions...

What's the difference between a chasing and ball peen hammer?

Some of my metalworking/jewelry-making books call for a ball peen hammer, and some for a chasing hammer... is one just a fancy name for the other or are they two distinct hammers? Are they generally interchangeable in metalwork? I generally work with nickel-silver and sterling silver wire.

Best Answer...


This chasing hammer has 1-1/4" head diameter (32mm). Designed with a flat head for striking chasing tool with one side flat and the other round for riveting and designing.
The ball bppen hammer all-purpose hammer is used for flattening, shaping, and removing dents. Made of forged high carbon steel which provides extra durability with hardwood handles .

By the way your question is on the page if yoy go into google under chasing and ball peen hammers. It was there at 10:20pm