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Need help finding an appraiser for a Turtleback Sleigh...?

Not sure if I have posted this in the correct category or not, but there is no "antique" category.

My mother has a turtleback sleigh that is at least 150 years old. Back in the late 70's, we were told that there were only approximately 125 left in the US. Now, almost 30 years later, we are trying to find someone who can appraise them. I have surfed the internet, contacted sleigh restoration companies, contacted the Smithsonian Institute, etc., etc., etc. Seems as though nobody has any information about them. This is a very rare antique, but I want to be able to insure it, but need some type of appraisal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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That's a tough one. Seeing that it is so rare I would think that one of the sleigh restoration companies would have been able to help. If not and they couldn't recommend, then you might be out of luck. Good luck finding an appraiser and keep us posted!!!