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Frequently Asked Questions...

Selling a Really old Violin: For how much would i get it for?

Its Really Old
- a casper da salo fecit(or focit) brescide 1616 (or 1610)
- my friends gave it to me and she said she got it at a yard sale
- its has great sound
- its opened from a few places

*If some one know if its an antiques violin can someone tell me how much i can get out of it

Best Answer...


If someone got it at a yard sale it's unlikely to be very valuable. Violinists know when they have a good instrument and they don't just hand great violins to relatives who know nothing about them and will let them deteriorate.

I also doubt that it's really old. It might be 100 years old or so, but probably no more than that. You can't go by the labels since for many years factories routinely stuck similar labels in every violin they produced.

You need an appraisal. That violin could be worth a few thousand dollars or it could be worth $50. There's no way of knowing from what you told us.