Accordion Sheet

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Accordion Sheet

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Pirates of the Caribbean (The Black Pearl) on accordion [+ sheets]


Meiban Engineering at simplifying Turnkey projects in sheet metal work

At Meiban Engineering, customer is served with high priority. As per the technical specification and its requirements, we deliver the things to happen. Our substantial study at industrial requirements signifies automobile engineering sector which compel sheet metal machines includes CNC Servo Turret Punch presses of various capacities, along with punching and shearing machines with panel benders.

Emphasizing over metal cutting division, we serve a high end automated twin spindle chuckers for manufacturing automotive components pertaining to the design, operation, serving over its sale. Meiban Engineering associate with elucidate for being the end to end supplier for both sheet metal and turned parts from simple to sophisticated automation explanation.

Meiban Engineering, are the leading service and solution provider for Automation and Turn Key projects for manufacturing of Sheet metal and Automobile components. Our extensive supply and services for sheet metal machines involves CNC Servo Turret Punch presses of various capacities, panel benders and punching and shearing machines with panel benders. True instinct of Meiban Engineering has establishing at supplying the latest advance “CONIC” made in Japan, tools for sheet metal punching machines which made us get recognized globally.

At a growing industrial sector, Meiban Engineering is manufacturing the Automobile and Sheet metal taking into account, which aims towards end to end supplier for both sheet metal and turned parts from simple to sophisticated automation solution. At the garden city of Bangalore, Meiban engineering mirrored over heightening the mark for service section. Most of our sales and service engineers are industrially trained and well exposed. At Meiban Engineering our Software service makes certain the CAD/CAM system work with high quality NC programs. Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing is the major tool with relevance to bring precise solution for an outstanding operational interface. Our highest quality of the ingenuity of machine manufacturer draws to present an advanced automatic processing feature. Every user can turn out high-quality NC program without the need of any programming knowledge. Also our Campath G4 of 3D unfolding is created on with external CAD system to be imported. Wherein, the CAMPATH G4 3D unfolding function includes import of solid data, Fold projection, Create unfolded figure, Flange input, Add sheet / joint part, Check interference, Modification of Butted sheet / Doubled sheet, Add sheet / Cut and Trim sheet, Modification of bend line(s), move part and the dimension lines on 3d unfolding figure.

Salvagnin is one of the superior Software solutions, widely used at Meiban engineering. It is the fourth world’s fastest punching and shearing machine which is automatically generates punching and shearing programs for the S4 optimized in time and movements analyzer. Extensive functionality of the CAD & CAM software solution includes the smooth functioning, fast enabled feature, Cross functional efficiency, Flexible & accuracy, The sophisticated & simple, Productivity tracking, lean maintenance, maintaining the value added work, ready for anything in unloading and stacking of parts processed on Salvagnini punching with maximum space utilization.

We do focus towards world class quality, in the course of Installation/commissioning and warranty service, preventive and periodical maintenance, Annual maintenance contracts with scheduled service visits, breakdown service support, machine operation & maintenance training, sheet metal CAD/CAM software training, Telephone/Online support which would be anticipated by our qualified and well trained Engineers. We are powered by well qualified engineers, who accomplish the way pertaining to the happenings. The Specified software features signifies CAM Hand-Nesting, NES Auto-Nesting and Laser settings establish the smooth functioning at Meiban engineering automation and turn key projects.

We do foresee the thesis of Customer satisfaction at industrial sector, as an anthem for global competence.

You can be at our segments with, where you can classify our variety of products and the software application, wherein we acknowledge the customers preference keenly. As our slogan "Customer satisfaction" & "Solutions", reflects the thesis of customer centric standard.

Meiban Engineering
is an associate concern of M/S. Murata Machinery Ltd, Japan. We deal with the products like
Muratec Turrent Punch Press
, Muratec Turning, Toyokoki, Salvagnini and Coninc Tooling, which constitutes in providing the solution in the area of automation and turn key projects.

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